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​Happy Pet Car​e Services

Our Mission

Happy Pet Care Services is committed to facilitating great care for pets, making their parents happy, and supporting a pet-loving community.  You can support our mission by paying it forward and purchasing services. 


We hire pet care providers with experience.  Also, all staff must successfully complete a background check. Furthermore, we provide training and support to help our staff give the best service to our clients. Our service is safe, reliable, and professional.​​


There is an on-call person available to care for your pet, in case your favorite pet care provider has an emergency, or is unable to make it. We will do our best to be here for you. 


All staff are insured, bonded, and backgrounds are checked to provide quality, safe service, and staff.  Your safety and your pet's safety is our main concern and priority.

Always There For You

We invite you to get involved with our service by paying it forward to pet owners that cannot afford pet care.  No pet should be neglected, and/or be left without care.

We strive to always be able to be available to serve you and your very much cherished pet(s).