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​Happy Pet Car​e Services

Services & Rates

We will do our best to make you and your pet happy. Together we can provide an opportunity for our patrons to make a difference in the life of a pet whose owner has difficulty affording pet care. We will provide services to pets and their families on a donation basis, providing we have funds to help cover the difference in cost. We encourage community members to donate money, supplies, vehicle (van), food, leashes, toys, and whatever you can think we can use.  We will strive to build relationships with other pet care services, agencies, and shelters to support them--together we can make a better world for our beloved critter friends.

Exotic Pet Sitting

20 Minute Visit


Exotic Pet Sitting 20 minutes

30 Minute Visit


Exotic Pet Sitting 30 minutes

60 Minute Visit


Exotic Pet Sitting 60 minutes

Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting


Cat Sitting (per day, 60 minutes)

Additional cat

$5/per cat

Cat Sitting (additional cat)

Holiday Surcharge


Cat Sitting (holiday surcharge)

Dog Walking (group and solo walks available)

20 Minutes 


Dog Walks 20 Minutes

30 Minutes


Dog Walks 30 minutes

60 Minutes 


Dog Walks 60 minutes


Dog/per day


Dog Boarding

Cat/per day


Cat Boarding




Holiday Additional Fee

Other Pet Services



Dog Bath

House sitting


House Sitting

     Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi (SF only)